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[PS4] H: Community challenge W: 7 badasses to participate

2020.09.26 18:32 mynameisomebody [PS4] H: Community challenge W: 7 badasses to participate

[PS4] H: Community challenge W: 7 badasses to participate
First i was about doing a free giveaway yet again, but then changed my mind.
I was thinking why not doing a community challenge instead. Did this one time before, and although the participants first had their doubts, i believe it was received very well, as all told me how much fun they've had.
So here i'm asking for 7 badass vault dwellers to beat 7 riddles and collect the treasures again^^
The treasures are in this case no epic rolls, but decent items, so don't expect some b2525 fixers or be gats even if i would like to add them, i don't have these spare^^ So, in short, this is more about the fun...and some decent loot still ,)

The requirements:
Actually, there are none. Everyone is welcome to participate.
But to know the world of Fallout 76 is definitely the key to beat the riddles, as all of them will be based on locations found in the world.
Also pls do refrain from attacking other players, while in it. To have pvp fights won't help the fun factor much.

The game:
So there will be 7 riddles. Every single one will lead you to a specific location in the world, after you've beaten it. Once there, there will be open world stashes to check and get the loot.

The mechanics:
Once we will have 7 players i will invite all of you to join my private world. We all meet at Vault 76 (yes, where it all begun^^).
I will also invite you to chat for easier clarifications while playing.
When we all ready, i will post the first riddle on the comments of this thread and let you all know when done. By then, you all have to try beat it, fast travel to certain location and collect the loot. Once you've done it you call it, so we can go on to the next riddle...and so on...

The rewards:
Although the loot is just decent as i said before, i felt like giving the items names, like all special rewards in games have them^^ As there's no way to put names on items, you can do it after by yourself...and hopefully remember this game in a good way^^
Rewards in nummeric order of the riddles:

  • Elfenlied
  • Blood Anything
  • A Giant's lullaby
  • Fright Night
  • Addictive Punishment
  • Icey Touch
  • But not forgotten

So if anyone is interested feel free to comment.
Once we have enough players together, let's do this^^

Note: English isn't my mother's language, it's actually my if you find any grammar errors feel free to keep them :D
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2020.09.02 03:03 Jxnxnx How do you deal with inner conflicts and jealousy? (Long story)

I am an female INTP and I can’t let go of this jealousy I feel to one girl.
I am also not a native english speaker. So I apologize for my english.
The story:
There was a girl (INFP-T) in my age. I lived with her in one flat. She is in my universary. We got along quite well, but I always was unsure about her kindness. I gave her a chance after my birthday to get closer as friends or something similar. She reminds me of myself when I was 16. (I was totally unsure without selfesteem due to my traumatic childhood).
My current boyfriend was on my birthday too. We are together now for 4 months and it‘s good, but 2 months before we were together was my birthday and we were friends. (To this time I was with my ex but we broke up 1 week later because it happend bad stuff.)
One day later my now boyfriend told me that he thinks. That my roommate is cute. (He never told me something like that about other girls.) So I guess she was special to him...
This girl also told me that she thinks that he is cute. (This broke my heart kind of cause I see her as my 16 year old self.) But I was never really positive about her as a character.
Important sidefact:
I had a crush on my current boyfriend since I was 16. I loved my ex, but this conection to my now bf kind of stayed after years. Ps. My bf is also an INFP like her.
After all I told her that all girls thought about him this way on my birthday and I also told her that we had something in one night. She was okay with that.
Our dynamic:
I helped her with her problems. She can‘t say „no“ or plays a fake role to our roommate even though she hates him. I had the Illusion to be her rolemodel for this issues because I felt her pain as I was 16. Sometimes it was very exhausting for me. She was someone who wanted to be my friend very bad, but I always had the feeling that this is just because of her low selfesstem instead of her real interesst on me. Anyway I told her details about me and my now bf after I gave her a chance after my birthday and now I really regret it.
I am someone who drives herself crazy when I have a crush. So I apoligized that I talked about this so much.
Story continues:
One day she told me and our other roommate that she wants to move out and she did. She cut off the contact with me immediatly on Whatsapp and the rest of the month she was by her parents. We had a Whatsapp group to 3rd together where she wrote about orher protential roommates. I have a problem with snoring so I wrote in the group that I need to ask the new protencial roommates if they were snoring, because otherwise I can‘t sleep and I need to move out too.
She just replied very rude and disparagingly. (She never would dare herself to say something like that in reallife.) I still stayed diplomatic even though it made me really mad. She still ignored me in out own chat with no reason.
My thoughts on her:
This behavior of her was something I expected when I get closer with her because of her innocent but secretive apperance. I am still very angry about myself that I gave her a chance.
Last day I saw her:
She came with her parents and I was really hurt. I didn‘t wanted to talk to her and I was torn about giving her infront of her parents a confrontation because this was something she wouldn‘t expect at all (she wouldn‘t even show up without her parents after her rudeness) and to be silent and ignore her like she did with me.
I decided to take the 2nd option and now I think this was the bad option.
I got out of my room. She acted like she nothing happend with her parents on her back and said „hi“. I ignored it and she said „then not.“ like „I don‘t care and I am not bothered.“
And it worked and I feel bothered til now even though I‘m sure she feels very bad with herself and that this all botheres her too. But I can also imagine that she surppresses it because we can‘t see each other due to Corona til universary starts again.
I am hurt because I helped her by her problems. That she can‘t be her real self infront of others and I think she also played the role infront of me. I don‘t know if there also was some jealousy from her side against me which caused her strange behavior. I also think that she felt save to be disrespectful infront of me because I gave her the understanding she needed to use me as an experiment to be more „confident“. Maybe she feels underrestimated by anyone. I felt this way back then. (But diffrend from me she is a bit more childish.)
But what does this have to do with my boyfriend? I could be happy.
Yes, but I still dream about the fact that he thought that she was cute. This is all some months ago, but still it bothers me more than contact to his exgirlfriends. I am actually not a jealous person.
I can‘t deal with this fact. I don‘t know why this is so hard?
I even don‘t think she is pretty or something.
His statement to this:
My boyfriend told me that he always got from girls what he wanted and that he always wants to have the nummer one in his eyes. He told me that he also had intresst in me the first time we met (7 years ago when I was 16) but it didn‘t happend in the past because he got no signals from me. I also didn‘t sent some, because of my very low selfesteem. He also told me that he just said to me that she is cute because he just wanted to have sex with her and because I was in a realtionship and no option. (But he hadn‘t a crush on me to this time).
What my crazy mind thinks now:
What if she is a nummer one to him like me and his other exes too and things between them just don‘t happend because the situation between them was the same like mine wirh hin years ago. Sometimes I think they were a better match than me and him, because they have some similar interesst and they are both INFPs. I don‘t know if this is a hold fit or not actually. She acts like me when I was 16 but now I am such an other person when I compare myself to my younger self. When I look back on my birthday I just see that he wanted her and that she could have gotten him on an stage where I wished I had him as my boyfriend. Also with my low selfesteem. With 16 I wished he were my boyfriend. There is this jelousy in me towards her. Actually I am happy with him now but I can‘t sleep at night because of this. I wish I never celebrated my birthday this year.
Do you have any advise or thoughts about his for me?
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2019.03.24 04:27 How_To_Badass How To Approach Girls Respectfully Without CREEPING Them Out

Social Calibration when you are stopping girls in the street.
Hard stop vs slow play.
"Your beard is so amazing" - "Touch it"
Social calibration is about win-win. Not uncomfortable or weird. Sometimes she does not stop so you slow play it and walk with her till you see the IOIs to stop.
Walk in front of her and talk over your shoulder. Minimize her needed effort to talk with you.
Short IoI, then :" Come on" + arm lock. When you open and her eyes lie up, you can start dancing or some other physical move.
Keep an eye open for IoIs. All the time. And IoD. They are pings. You dont ulter they behaviour, only the verbal engagement. If i know she is not going to answer me i dont ask a question. I just tell a story or blabbering.

Path of her least Resistance.
Frame: No One owes me anything. My party is going anyway. Take the good energy or leave it. People are on their own agenda. The girls out there first just care about their night. Their hopes and dreams and their fun. The smooth player merges smoothy a little bit on her night, adds the good non taking value till she wants to merge to your night.

Never suggest to kiss till she is going to be receptive. Then suggest, she decides.
Effective game shows that you have respect for the other peoples experience of you. Where the other person is coming from and her mood and feelings.
You give the good emotions and experience and when she is ready you receive. Like when Youtuber pumps you up with free content. The party goes either way.
You get that there is a funnel, and you are okay with it. Most girls are in the first layer. Just the open and some vibing. Then hug and kiss. Then Sex. Then relationship at the peek, with just a handful girls from the first layer.
Offering till its feels right to receive, that is smooth.

Your energy and how you feel. Feeling great lets you do amazing things. Feel the happines chemicals. When in a lesser mood, its cool. Be way more conservative then. Just walkp up, chat, connect. Build up momentum.

Some girls will be more open to being approached than others + different moods. She is looking around, kinda lost. Seems to be more open with body language and style. You can feel her energy.
When you see she is more close off you can get more chill into the set. Getting her laugh and vibing good so she can see it is possible to have a good time.

Big girls group on the move are harder than two friends with good enery to stop. Notice the alpha female. The passive girls falll into her frame.

Screen her logistics while chatting to avoid interfering with her goals. When they are on a mission somewhere: Slow play it. Take your time. Act as if you are going there.

Not being creepy is common sense but you have to get out more. FIELD EXPERIENCE IS KING.
Cold approach is a lot of fun. It is there for fun.
Communcating with them where they at and their social experience and merging into it for a win win.

Quick nummers are fine when there is no chance to talk really. She is there with her friends and moves on and so do you.
Instant dates: Slow play near the instant date location.
The higher your perceived value the more perssitent you can be before it gets creepy.

Understand what people are right now experiencing and where they are coming from. How they are experiencing you.
Self awareness and what other are experiencing to create the winwin. Everybody is enjoying the social interaction and with the women it clicks, you enjoy it even more.

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